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Curtin University
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Undergraduate Courses

To protect humanity, the environment and the economy, we need more well-educated scientists as well as many more people with a better understanding of science. The Curtin Bachelor of Science degree provides a great opportunity to develop relevant skill sets.

You develop the necessary theoretical and practical skills in your chosen science areas of study, you gain invaluable insight into the importance and potential impact of science, and of related careers through interacting with our highly recognised teaching and research staff, and industry partners.

Science Courses

If you like to investigate how the world works and apply what you find from your research, then science at Curtin is for you. Practical laboratory skills, communication skills and creative and critical thinking are emphasised throughout the courses along with practical training in the professional aspects of scientific practice in a research environment. Graduates emerge with a comprehensive foundation in science and are well prepared for a range of employment opportunities in science.

Applied Physics Courses

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Curtin physics students graduate with a remarkably useful set of skills and abilities, making them a highly marketable employment commodity. Curtin physics graduates have few problems finding jobs in a wide variety of careers and disciplines, including business and commerce, all around the world. Students studying astronomy also find that the complex skills learned during an astronomy degree are very widely marketable in other sciences and areas such as IT, business and finance.

Medical Imaging Courses

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Curtin provides the only medical imaging programs in Western Australia. Graduates can seek employment in a wide range of clinical settings throughout Australia. The program and its graduates are highly regarded by the medical imaging profession and employers, nationally and internationally. Graduates from the degree program are entitled to the Statement of Accreditation for the profession which makes them eligible to perform medical imaging in all Australian states.

Chemistry Courses

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Curtin chemistry graduates have a body of knowledge and a range of skills necessary for a career in a modern analytical or industrial laboratory and opens up many career opportunities. These skills are gained in Curtin’s laboratories that are amongst the best equipped in Australia. Employers appreciate the problem solving and analytical skills of Curtin graduates, and the applied nature of the course. The degree also forms a basis for diversification into senior management, computing and technical sales areas. There is a wide range of destinations where our graduates are employed in Research and Development, Technical Services, or Quality Control Laboratories.

Mathematics Courses

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Curtin mathematics courses equip students with the necessary mathematical expertise to deal with problems encountered in an increasingly technological world. Mathematics can be a stepping stone to a wide and diverse career. Graduates may find employment in many areas, including the mining and resources industries, software companies, financial institutions, health administration, research organisations, universities and government organisations.

Environment and Agriculture Courses

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As the global population continues to expand, the demand for sustainable and productive land use and the conservation of natural environments continues to grow. Specialists in the environmental and agricultural fields are in high demand in order to meet the challenges of producing sufficient food with diminishing resources while maintaining the quality of our environment.

WASM Science Courses

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A degree from the Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) will give you the opportunity to work within one of the most important sectors to the state, national and global economies - the mineral and resources industry. For over 100 years, WASM has continued to produce high-quality and practically-focussed engineers, scientists, surveyors and geoscientists for the mining and resources industry. WASM has a campus at Bentley in Perth and also Kalgoorlie in regional WA.